STEP 3 – Converting Traffic to Customers

Who wants traffic when instead they can have customers?

staff-memberSo many search engine marketing firms are only concerned with driving traffic to your website. While we understand that traffic is important, it should not be the end game of your marketing. The end game is getting customers and growing your business. This is why the most important thing about your website is not how much traffic you generate, but how much business that traffic brings you.

Shift your focus to conversions by investing and not expensing

By shifting your focus to converting customers, your website will change for the better. For this shift to be complete it must start with the business owner. As an owner you must realize that your website shouldn't be viewed as an expense item but should be an investment in your business. You should be able to see that for every dollar you place into your website you are able to get X in return.

If you do the same thing you did yesterday you will get the same results

If you are not satisfied with the results your website has delivered in the past you may be hesitant to invest in the future. What your site did was get you to where you are now. But if you aren't willing to change then you won't be able to get to where you want to in the future. The reason you were not able to achieve the results from your site that you wanted, was because your website was built as a brochure and did not utilize conversion marketing techniques.

What is Conversion Marketing?

Conversion marketing is simply applying specific techniques to a marketing strategy that will convince a customer to take the next step in the sales process by either becoming a lead or turning into a customer. To do this properly we must understand that all humans are unique and different. We all think and act in our own way, and therefore for a marketing strategy to be successful it needs to address this and provide each individual with what they want.

How conversion techniques are applied

Conversion techniques are applied by using the following process.

  • Understand the market that you want to target as a business
  • Analyze their needs and what appeals to them
  • Design a site that matches your market
  • Reduce friction and barriers on the website
  • Build credibility and trust with your prospects
  • Address anxiety
  • Persuade calls to action

Once you have a website that is build with conversion techniques and is driving qualified traffic, the next step is to discover profit centers so you can spend your money wisely.

Take the next step

If you're ready to take your website and internet marketing to the next level, the next step is simple. Fill in our contact us form, or call 905-475-3675 to set up an Internet Business Analysis. This analysis is a face to face meeting where we begin to understand your business so we can discover how to improve your results.



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