STEP 4 – Discover Where You're Making Money and Where You're Wasting It

Without a method of tracking and measuring how can one judge success?

staff-memberMost small to medium sized businesses do not properly track and measure the success of their marketing. If you're not doing this in your business, then how do you know where you are making your money and where you are losing it? Business guru's and marketing consultants will tell you that approximately 50% of your advertising will be a complete waste. The problem that you have is which 50%. If you were able to discover that information and spend the majority of your money where it's actually providing you with a good return, isn't it possible to double the business you generate?

The tragedy of a limited advertising budget

One of the biggest problems for a small to medium sized business owners is that there is an infinite way to spend money on advertising, but we are all limited by a fixed budget. While it would be nice to gain the brand recognition like Coke, Microsoft, or Donald Trump, we just can't spend the millions of dollars necessary to do it. This is why it is critical to understand which advertising works and which doesn't. By having this information we can then figure out where to spend your budget to get the best return.

As experts shouldn't you know where to spend the money?

If you truly understand marketing then you know that there is never a sure thing. The experience and knowledge we have gained from our past clients allow us to make smart decisions for your marketing strategy; however we still find varying results based on industry and size of business or product/service offerings. Since no business is exactly the same, each of them will get different results. This is why we track and measure so thoroughly because we need to discover what works for you and your business.

How we track results

We use Google Analytics to properly track and measure the results of your website. Through this software we are able to discover the following critical information:

  • How much traffic your website gets
  • Where that traffic is coming from (both online and offline)
  • How long they spend on your site and what they are looking at
  • Whether or not they become a customer
  • Where your most profitable source of leads are coming from

With this information we are then able to make recommendations and implement improvements to the website and internet marketing strategy. Over time your website becomes better at converting customers and allows you to continuously generate more leads/sales for your business.

Take the next step

If you're ready to take your website and internet marketing to the next level, the next step is simple. Fill in our contact us form, or call 905-475-3675 to set up an Internet Business Analysis. This analysis is a face to face meeting where we begin to understand your business so we can discover how to improve your results.



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I went from 5% of my business generated through the Internet to over 65% within one year.